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We'll guide you through the script and music selections that best fit your vocal style.

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Select original, copyright-free scripts from our immense and growing library for any medium or style.

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Compliment your demos with premium music that matches your performance and script selections.

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A dedicated producer will edit, mix and master your reel to perfection, ensuring your audio is of the highest calibre.

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Start Your Sample Package

Modern online casting is fast-paced and competitive. Many casting directors listen to hundreds of samples an hour when trying to fill a role – standing out is crucial.

Voicereels’ dedicated demo production services bridge the gap between the voice and casting agent with insight into the mind of industry producers, paired with market-leading audio engineering.

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Start Your Reel Package

No actor, performer, or broadcaster can go without a professional voice reel. A quality reel makes all the difference in landing the voice acting roles you want.

Voicereels is powered by the same award-winning team behind Voquent. We put our voiceover industry expertise to work on every reel we make.

Our team is trusted by voice actors worldwide

Voice Reels Reviews

Everything was communicated clearly beforehand, and the response time to questions and expectations was quick. A smooth experience overall!

- Alexis Campbell 5 Star reviews
Voice Reels Reviews

Great company, and working with them was a real pleasure. Excellent works, clear indications, great availability and kindness…

- Beatrice 5 Star reviews
Voice Reels Reviews

Exemplary attention to detail throughout and would highly recommend!

- Craig Lawrie 5 Star reviews
Voice Reels Reviews

From their supportive, friendly and professional team to their speedy responses, they can’t be faulted. Highly recommend!

- Danelle Egan 5 Star reviews
Voice Reels Reviews

Throughout my interactions with the team I experienced the professionalism, warmth, and support that generates trust and respect.

- Dominique Bousquet 5 Star reviews
Voice Reels Reviews

The entire staff it’s beyond professional, and despite the 5 hours difference- they are in London and I’m in New York-emails are always answered promptly.

- Isolda Peguero 5 Star reviews
Voice Reels Reviews

Clear and fast communication, with each e-mail they gave me more reasons to work with them.

- Ljubomir Hlobik 5 Star reviews
Voice Reels Reviews

Every aspect of our interaction, from initial contact to booking to the actual session, felt very “non-corporate” and personal. It was especially great for me, as a first-timer…

- Mare 5 Star reviews
Voice Reels Reviews

It has been an absolute pleasure working with the team. They are extremely efficient, well organised and totally professional.

- Nick Radcliffe 5 Star reviews
Voice Reels Reviews

The team is very cooperative and helpful. In addition to that, I love their quick and professional response! To the next one!!

- Rosy Yaghi 5 Star reviews

Select from hundreds
of royalty-free voiceover scripts
in 4 signature styles

Work with us

1 Character Scripts

Character scripts put the ‘act’ in voice actor. Each script comes with suggested vocal tones and characteristics to propel your performance. Find the best scripts for any medium, from cartoon creatures to video game villains.

2 Business Scripts

Our selection of business scripts covers everything from training and explainer videos to event voiceover and passenger announcements. Draw on your authoritative, professional, and friendly traits to secure corporate clients.

3 Commercial Scripts

Advertisements are one of the main avenues for finding voiceover work. From traditional mediums of television and radio to social media marketing. Commercial work is competitive, and getting cast starts with a great reel.

4 Narration Scripts

With busy schedules and on-the-go lifestyles, narration has become a huge part of the reading experience. Captivating voices can escort audiences through audiobook narratives, guided tours and engage children in education.

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