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In 2023, we launched Voicereels with a singular purpose: to help both established and aspiring actors and performers showcase the pinnacle of their vocal performing abilities with a personally tailored audio production service that creates superior reels and demos for a reasonable price.

As the founders of Voquent.com, few others better understand the commercial impact and importance of high-quality demos. A single recorded example of vocal excellence separates the best from the rest.

Every day, we’re awestruck by the talented global voice acting community whose profound performances embody the spirit of brands, products, stories and characters—enrapturing an audience of billions worldwide.

Furthermore, we understand what your mission entails: constantly presenting the latest and best of your ability. We’ve created Voicereels to help you achieve this. You’ll benefit from our team’s knowledge and experience in casting, producing, and engineering tens of thousands of voice-overs for notable business and entertainment companies.

Whether you’ve just started to manifest your acting dreams or are a seasoned voice-over professional seeking to complement your portfolio—we’re inspired to support your journey of creation, collaboration and personal independence.

Voicereels Leadership

Miles Chicoine

CEO / Co-Founder

Al Black

COO / Co-Founder

Paul Fraser

CTO / Co-Founder

Voicereels Leadership

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