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Andy Langfield

With over two decades of involvement in audio and music productions, Andy is a passionate musician and audio aficionado, synonymous with creativity and expertise. Andy’s journey spans founding and operating a thriving recording studio, gracing the airwaves of the UK’s top radio station – Radio One, and spinning tracks at live events across Glasgow.’s burgeoning club scene. Andy’s enthusiasm for audio is palpable, from crafting tracks that resonate with Nike and MTV to helping fellow creators globally. His electronic rhythms have resonated across decades, a testament to his unwavering dedication. A Voquent pioneer, Andy spearheaded the talent management department, overseeing QA for an expansive library of voice demos. He has listened to thousands of demos and instantly knows what works. He’s now applying this vast knowledge to Voicereels, perfectly positioning him to orchestrate exceptional audio demos for voices worldwide.

Andy Langfield

"I love working with audio, and I’m always cooking up electronic music at home. Voice acting is a competitive industry, and I love helping fellow creatives fine-tune their demos to open doors to new opportunities!"

Jamie Telford

Jamie Telford

Meet Jamie, a seasoned technician with over a decade of audio engineering mastery in television broadcast and stage settings. After graduating with honours from the prestigious SAE Institute Class of 2012, Jamie’s achievements go beyond the ordinary. His credits include recordings for the BBC, Channel 4, and various renowned live venues. When collaborating closely with professional voice actors, Jamie’s expertise encompasses acoustic analysis, editing, casting direction, and final mix creation. With an innate sense of what transforms ‘good audio’ into ‘exceptional audio,’ Jamie consistently crafts productions that shine.

"I’m obsessive about the finer details. Professional audio is an art, and I get a lot out of tweaking the smallest resonant frequencies or recognising the colouration that a dynamic processor brings to the mix. Audio clarity and balance enhance every performer’s unique vocal presence."

Alek Kaczmarek

Alek Kaczmarek

Driven by the philosophy that every sonic element must resonate flawlessly, from background music to raw vocal performance, Aleks is a seasoned sound engineer with an unparalleled passion for audio drama production and dialogue editing. Kitted out with a First-Class Bachelor of Arts in Creative Music Technology from De Montford University in Leicester and a Master of Design in Sound for Moving Image from the prominent Glasgow School of Art. Alek’s educational foundation is as solid as it gets. He’s demonstrated audio prowess across countless projects, including composing, designing, and mixing music for Mesons and Flames, Ślimak, and Jelebi Nights. His expertise spans video games, audiobooks, and short films, such as the enchanting Wind in the Willows adaptation.

"You need a keen ear for detail to ensure every demo leaves a strong, lasting impression. My passion is choosing the perfect blend of background music and effects and mixing them with raw vocal performances to create a flawless mastered product."

Our Story

In 2023, we launched Voicereels with a singular purpose: to help both established and aspiring actors and performers showcase the pinnacle of their vocal performing abilities with a personally tailored audio production service that creates superior reels and demos for a reasonable price.

As the founders of Voquent.com, few others better understand the commercial impact and importance of high-quality demos. A single recorded example of vocal excellence separates the best from the rest.

Every day, we’re awestruck by the talented global voice acting community whose profound performances embody the spirit of brands, products, stories and characters—enrapturing an audience of billions worldwide.

Furthermore, we understand what your mission entails: constantly presenting the latest and best of your ability. We’ve created Voicereels to help you achieve this. You’ll benefit from our team’s knowledge and experience in casting, producing, and engineering tens of thousands of voice-overs for notable business and entertainment companies.

Whether you’ve just started to manifest your acting dreams or are a seasoned voice-over professional seeking to complement your portfolio—we’re inspired to support your journey of creation, collaboration and personal independence.

Miles Chicoine

CEO / Co-Founder

Al Black

COO / Co-Founder

Paul Fraser

CTO / Co-Founder

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