How It Works

Here's how works in 5 simple steps

Step 1

Choose Your Package

Use our Packages page to choose the voice reel package perfect for your needs and budget. Pay in full or by instalments, and we'll be in touch to arrange a chat.

Choose Your Package

Step 2


You will speak with a senior engineer via Zoom to discuss your requirements. On the call, we'll plan every demo script's style, tone, and, if applicable - characteristics.

Step 3

Scripts and Music

Depending on your package, we'll write bespoke lines or source scripts from our library. We'll also recommend the music for every sample.

Scripts and Music
Recording Time!

Step 4

Recording Time!

Now the fun bit can begin! We'll set up a live recording session at an approved local studio or a complete remote online studio-to-studio session per your requirements.

Step 5

Mixing and Mastering

We mix the voice and music tracks to broadcast standards and edit them as separate demos and reels, delivered in mp3 and wav formats.

Mixing and Mastering

Our team is trusted by voice actors worldwide

  • Exemplary attention to detail throughout and would highly recommend!

    Craig Lawrie

  • From their supportive, friendly and professional team to their speedy responses, they can't be faulted. Highly recommended!

    Danelle Egan

  • Throughout my interactions with the team I experienced the professionalism, warmth, and support that generates trust and respect.

    Dominique Bousquet

  • The entire staff is beyond professional and despite the 5 hours difference - they are in London and I'm in New York - emails are always answered promptly.

    Isolda Peguero

  • Clear and fast communication, with each e-mail they gave me more reasons to work with them.

    Ljubomir Hlobik

  • Every aspect of our interaction, from initial contact to booking to the actual session, felt very “non-corporate” and personal. It was especially great for me, as a first-timer...


  • It has been an absolute pleasure working with the team. They are extremely efficient, well organised and totally professional.

    Nick Radcliffe

  • The team is very cooperative and helpful. In addition to that, I love their quick and professional response! To the next one!!

    Rosy Yaghi

  • Everything was communicated clearly beforehand, and the response time to questions and expectations was quick. A smooth experience overall!

    Alexis Campbell

  • Great company, and working with them was a real pleasure. Excellent works, clear indications, great availability and kindness...


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