Introducing Voicereels

Take your voice acting career to the next level.

We’re excited to announce the launch of Voicereels, a bespoke reel production service focused on creating the best examples of what you can do with your voice.

When it comes to creating a voice reel, we aren’t the first service of our kind. However, many other providers have limited expertise in the voice over world beyond constructing reels and voice acting itself. Voicereels, in partnership with Voquent, an online global casting platform, has the essential experience of working with voice actors and casting for clients. We know what you want to achieve and what casting directors are actually looking for.

Let us provide our know-how and experience to give you the best chances of success, begin your voice acting career, or update your professional voice reel today.


Why are reels vital to you as a voice actor?

Your reel is an essential tool in finding work as a voice actor, so only a professional-quality production will do.

Many aspiring voice actors will half-bake their reel, attaching a few individual demos together in the hopes that it will grab a casting director’s attention. Common mistakes include using real advertising material that you haven’t actually worked on, scripts that have been used too frequently, overuse of music and sound effects that prevent the clarity of your voice, and a lack of variety between individual performances.

That’s where we come in. We understand that creating your custom voice reel is an important investment in your voice acting career, and it needs to be perfect. With top-tier advice and guidance along the way, we will create the best reel for your voice specifically, highlighting your strengths and displaying exactly what you can do for potential clients.

So, leave it to the experts with professional reel and demo production experience and casting expertise in the voice over industry – we’re ready when you are.


What we offer

Where some simply edit, we provide and produce every aspect of your voice reel.

Starting with a one-on-one consultation, we help voice actors establish the exact qualities they want to show off to potential employers and which types of reels they need. Our extensive script library offers many choices, from character dialogue to commercial narration. Each unique example includes suggested tones and vocal characteristics to create the best performances and pack your reel full of vocal variety.

All our voice reels are recorded remotely via Source Connect from home studios or in an approved local facility, so high-quality audio is guaranteed. Live direction is also provided while you record by one of our expert producers. We can help you select the best scripts for your goals and achieve perfect audio if there are any issues with your home setup.

The perfect voice reel requires the help of an audio engineer. Music will effortlessly transition between each demo to create a professional product without distracting casting agents. We also mix and master the audio with necessary SFX and deliver in both mp3 and .wav formats.


Voquent & Voicereels

The Voicereels and Voquent partnership offers a host of advantages. As well as your new reel, you will also receive each read as an individual demo sample, ready for upload on demo casting sites like Voquent. We also offer packages specifically for individual demos if this is what you require. When recording from a home studio, your Voquent profile will receive the coveted blue badge on the Voquent platform. This shows casting directors that we have worked with you before, and this instils trust in the audio quality you can provide.


Whether you are just starting out in the voice over industry with big aspirations or simply looking to update your old material, you’ll receive high-quality voice reels and individual demo samples to best demonstrate your specific talents and abilities – not just generic recordings.

We’re excited to work with you.

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