What Does a Voice Reel Cost?

If you have marketable voice talent and are ready to look for work, you may ask yourself, what does a voice reel cost?

The cost of a voice reel can vary dramatically. Factors such as quality, duration, and the additional inclusions of the chosen package (such as studio time, post-production, script selection, and revisions) will all change the overall price.

In this article, we’ll go over how much voice reels cost, why prices vary, and the benefits of investing in your reel.

Cheap Voice Reels

If a service seems too good to be true, It often is. As with anything cheap, expecting the finished product to be as polished and valuable as a more expensive option is unlikely. However, this doesn’t mean you must spend more than you can afford.

Please remember, a voice reel is an investment in your career, and if it does its job, it will pay for itself by securing more work. Of course, this is not guaranteed, so you may be interested in finding the cheapest option possible. Just remember, you get what you pay for. To create the best reel possible, you need professionals working on your side to guide you, a varied script selection that works for your skills, and expert post-production services.

Ultimately, finding a service that will work to create the reel you need is essential. You may already have a home studio or need a local studio booking. You may already have scripts or be looking for help finding which examples work best with your ability. A cheap voice reel service might just look to put your recordings together rather than adapt your reel based on industry experience and requirements.

What’s included in the selected service should be the basis for your decision.

Working With Professionals

Educated and experienced professionals are necessary for producing a high-quality voice reel. Whether you’re an expert in the industry just looking to update your material, or you’re new to voice acting and need some guidance, you need someone who knows exactly what they’re talking about.

For one thing, an experienced professional will inform you not only of what areas in your craft you need to improve on but also of what you’re doing right and the skills you should highlight. This way, you will create a reel that sounds strong to potential clients.

When you’re paying for a limited time in a recording studio, it is best to take advantage of every moment, so this advice is crucial. Professional input will help you do that by narrowing down what scripts, mediums, and abilities you should put front and centre to give yourself the best casting chances. This kind of direction will not be included in a cheap service.

What Does a Voice Reel Cost?

Let’s look at our various voice reel packages, what they include, and their cost.

Starter – £449

Show your strengths. The Voicereels Standard package includes all the essentials, including 6 scripts which you can select from our library. This is where our service starts to divulge from the average. We don’t just provide any scripts, but scripts explicitly selected to showcase your chosen vocal tones and characteristics. Voicereels also live direct, mix, master, and book you in a local studio if your home studio isn’t complete or you don’t have one.

Standard – £798

Our Standard package includes a consultation so we can help you establish exactly what you need and two reels in different styles, e.g. commercial and character reels. The standard package also includes more scripts, additional post-production time, and another round of revisions.

Premium – £1149

The premium voice reel package includes three reels. As well as more scripts, recording time, post-production time, a longer consultation to establish your goals and an extra round of revisions, this package also includes premium music for smooth transitions between each read.

Ultimate – £1448

The Ultimate package is all about versatility. Multiple reels in various styles will set you ahead of the competition, offering casting directors a reel that matches the style or medium of their project. After all, the purpose of your voice reel is to stand out from the crowd and demonstrate that you can succeed at the job on offer.

Bonus – All reel packages also include each read as an individual demo sample, ready for upload on your Voquent profile.


The question shouldn’t be ‘what does a voice reel cost?’ but ‘how much should I spend on voice reels to best showcase my talent?’

Your voice reels are one of the best ways to get your foot in the door with significant clients. It’s your first impression, resume, and application all in one.

If you want to advance into the professional field of voice acting, you must remember that it is a very competitive market, and the best showcase of your ability is priceless.

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