Voice Reel Examples

Want some inspiration for your voice reels?

Voice Reel Examples

Top-tier examples

Our team has listened to tens of thousands of voice reels and samples on our sister company, Voquent.com. On this page, we've picked out some of our favourite English-Speaking demos to give you an idea of what we can create for you.

It's all about getting inspiration for your reels. We've handpicked reels from Voquent's vast catalogue of 95,000+ demos.

Commercial Reel Examples

Listen to some of our favourite Commercial voice reels and samples for social promos, radio ads and TV spots.

Narration Reel Examples

Play through top narration reels and samples for audiobooks, documentaries and more.

Character Reel Examples

Get inspiration for your next video game or animation voice reels!

Business Reel Examples

Hear some of the best Business reels and samples created for corporate videos, explainers, eLearning and IVR.

You'll notice no demos use name slates at the start. Casting directors can immediately hear the voice talent's best work within seconds. We'll follow this best practice in your voice reel productions, ensuring clients never ignore your demos.

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