Why Voice Actors Need a Professional Voice Reel

Mary Tsiara

By Mary Tsiara

21 September 2023

The UK’s top Showreel Editors - Voicereels

Behind the scenes of the most successful showreels, there’s a team of dedicated professionals.

To get that seamless, polished finish for your showreel, sometimes you need an expert’s touch on your lighting, sound, and script. In this guide, we’ve compiled a list of experts for every budget to help you find the best showreel editors in the UK.

Showreels and Voicereels

But first! Every actor knows that a showreel is a necessity but what is less known is that a voice over demo reel is an amazing way to show off what you can do and earn acting roles outside of just on-screen performing.

Voice reels open the door to you elevating your acting portfolio so you can earn more money acting and pad out your portfolio with limitless roles in character, commercial, business, and narration roles!

Get in touch to explore how Voicereels can propel your acting career to the next stage – literally!

Top Showreels Producers

Bespoke Reels

With an impressive client list including Toby Jones (Harry Potter) and Liz Carr (The Witcher), Bespoke Reels live up to their name. Their showreel editors will polish your footage for £69 per hour, and you can even choose the Audition Doctor before shooting: a premium coaching service for industry advice for the perfect, stress-free showreel experience.

Killer Reels

Killer Reels are a team of professional showreel editors founded by actress and editor Sarah Agha, whose work includes projects for Eastenders, The Crown, and Homeland. They offer affordable flat rates, showreel editing, trailers, and promos. Although they’re not your go-to solution for showreels from scratch, Killer Reels offers straightforward showreel editing packages from £110.

Mandrake Media

With every showreel shot by their founder, Will Kenning, Mandrake Media provide the best-tailored showreel experience. Their services may be on the pricier end (£545 for a new showreel and £85 for editing existing footage), but at Mandrake Media, each reel will be planned and shot around your needs with complete control over the content and quality of your showreels.


Created by London-based actor and videographer Will Austin (EastEnders, Doctor Who), the showreel editors at Self-Tape will deliver your edited tape to your casting director within 45 minutes for £50 with a full-colour grade and sound edit. What’s more, their standard rate per new scene shot in 6K is £295 and the premium service includes location sourcing, original scripts, and guidance.


Actorshowreels is a leading name in showreel editing employed by top agencies and production houses in London, including the BBC. Their experienced showreel editors will help you improve your existing material with Colour Correction and Audio Enhancement starting from £45/hour. The best part? They will re-edit your showreel to perfection and archive the final cut for future use.

Slick Showreels

With years of experience in all aspects of the industry and showreels for actors, presenters, and singers, your next step in the world of acting will be smooth sailing with Slick Showreels. Looking for a showreel on a tight budget? Their service starts at £299 with free original scripts and location scouting. Plus, for an additional £199, Slick Showreels will edit and deliver your finished showreel in 24 hours.

Cinematic Showreels

An award-winning team behind the cameras with 10 years of experience in film production. Cinematic Showreels welcome all levels of acting and will edit your existing showreel for £70. Alternatively, you can shoot a one-scene showreel for £230 – or split the cost with a friend for £180 per actor.

No showreel footage and short on ideas? Check our our guide to alternative ways to showcase your acting skills.

Key Takeaways

These showreel editors can help you advance in your acting journey with a new or existing showreel. But if you’d like to explore different forms of acting with no visual footage, consider voiceover reels to display your voice acting skills. Find out more or book your consultation here.

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