Voiceover Marketing: How to Use Your Voice Reel

Think of your voice reels as planting a marketing seed; it requires nurturing and exposure to make your voiceover business thrive. So, now that you’ve recorded your voice reel, what do you do with it?

Your voice reel serves as a crucial promotional tool, aiding in securing new clients and opportunities within the voiceover industry. By consistently updating and actively promoting it, you pave your path towards success and exposure through voiceover marketing.

While pursuing a career in voice acting, it’s wise to explore additional revenue streams to help hold a steady income. Despite the time it takes to establish yourself, the rewards are undoubtedly worth the patience, as many experienced voice artists will attest to.

But where do you promote yourself? I hear you ask. Let’s dive into it.


How to get Voiceover Work on Casting Platforms

Finding Voiceover Work on Voquent

One of the best ways to find voice acting work is through online casting platforms like Voquent. Sites like Voquent can assist in obtaining paid gigs as a voice actor, providing you with valuable studio experience and the opportunity to be discovered by potential clients.

How to get voice over work with casting platforms, woman speaking into mic

By signing up for Voquent, you’ll receive immediate access to exclusive roles you won’t find anywhere else.

The best part? Voquent’s clients search for talent with specific tags, such as vocal tones or medium. So, your voice reels and individual samples are a huge asset on Voquent, and you’ll spend less time auditioning when the client can already hear your material.

Remember: every new sample is an opportunity for you to be discovered. The more diverse your profile is, the higher the chance you have of getting booked! If you’re looking for inspiration, check out this guide guide: How to optimise your Voquent profile.

What about Voices.com?

Another popular casting platform is voices.com, providing professional voiceover services that can lead to a fruitful career if you’ve got your tone and style nailed. All you need to do is create an account to upload your voiceover reels and then get started looking for jobs!

While you can make some money on voices.com’s free membership, competition is fierce and your often lowest priority unless you fess up some cash. Memberships range from Guest (free) to Premium ($499 a year).

What about Voice123?

Voice123 is another pay-to-play site, with memberships ranging from Free to $600/year. But be warned, you only get to apply to 7 jobs before you have to start paying.

However, we always encourage voice actors to open up as many revenue streams as possible and uploading your voice reel to every (free)  voiceover casting site is a great way to do this.


Voiceover Marketing through Personal Websites

One of the best things you can do, aside from signing up to casting platforms, is to build your own website to display your experience and reels in one place. Creating a website portfolio is an easy way to make your work accessible to potential clients and market yourself.

When you are making your own website, it’s important to keep a few key things in mind. Be sure you include a short bio, details of any past experience you may have, and key descriptors of your narration style and add tones and characteristics to any reel you upload.

This also means that casting directors who discover you through previous work can find you by name, as most casting platforms don’t allow slating.

Top Tip: Make sure any online demos are not downloadable – we don’t want any AI cloning here!

How to get voice over work with a personal website, man typing on laptop

Remember: you want to make it as accessible as possible. Avoid any complicated page layouts and make it clear where potential clients can go to listen to your reel. It helps buyers/agents decide what they want from you, too, being able to point at a specific reel and say they want something similar or with a slight change in tone.


Voiceover Marketing with Social Media

Much like a professional personal website, an impactful social media presence can function in the same way as a resume. It allows you to both showcase your reels and talent while also building connections within the industry – with fellow voice actors and potential clients.

In more recent times, social media has become an undeniably beneficial way to market yourself, amplifying your visibility and reach as a voice actor. Platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, X (Twitter), and Facebook can offer a diverse range of avenues to engage with different audiences, from casting directors to fellow voice actors and even fans.

How to get voice over work with social media, hand holding mobile phone displaying apps

For example, on LinkedIn, you can join discussions and groups to connect with others in the industry and help establish yourself as a reputable voice actor. Instagram offers a visual element to your craft, allowing you to show behind the scenes of your creative process. Meanwhile, Twitter offers a faster-paced effect, where you can keep up with news and showcase some of your personality via voiceover marketing.

Many clients now also post casting calls on social media, waiting for voice actors to reply with their relevant voice reel or DM separately. You can find a wide range of casting calls on the Voquent socials.

By actively participating in industry-related hashtags, challenges, and events, you can increase your visibility and attract the attention of potential clients with your reels.


Voiceover Marketing with Freelancer Sites

There are a range of freelance sites that allow voice actors to publish their voice reels and find job postings. One of the best-known is Fiverr, which is one of the top sites for clients to find affordable freelance voice artists. This is typically a good starting point for those who are new to the voice acting scene, as rates are significantly lower.

However, it is excellent for initially building up your portfolio as clients can filter through budget, service options, and even delivery time. Check out our FREE consultation for new voice actors to help you out even more!

How to get voice over work through freelancer sites, stack of twenty dollar bills under corner of laptop

Another option many voice actors opt for is Upwork, a freelancing website that allows clients to post jobs and wait for the artists to come to them – which they will, in droves!

However, Upwork will initially recommend a shortlist of voice actors that fit the job description, so remember to make sure your tones, characteristics, and styles are all in your reel descriptions.

While rates are often low on Upwork and Fiverr, with clients often looking for the cheapest price, they are good for their auditioning processes. As competition is so fierce on each site, applying for multiple job roles with your reel is important and can help you fine-tune your creative process and niche with time.

For maximum appeal to casting directors with your reel, we can help you craft your reel using our unique industry experience and years of professional casting expertise.



Overall, by utilising a combination of casting agencies like Voquent, your own personal voiceover marketing tools such as a website and socials, and keeping an eye on freelancing websites, you can significantly enhance your visibility within the voiceover community and better market your voiceover services.

A high-quality reel is just the first step. With persistence and dedication, you can confidently establish yourself and thrive as a voice actor.

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