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The World Needs Nuclear

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Meeting the escalating energy demand requires access to a substantial and clean electricity source. Currently providing 10% of global electricity, nuclear power is vital for a reliable and environmentally friendly large-scale energy solution. As urbanization and population growth surge, electricity demand will increase by 50% by 2040. Despite progress, 733 million people also need access to electricity.

Nuclear energy, emitting low levels of carbon, is a key contributor, constituting 30% of global low-carbon electricity in 2019, ensuring a sustainable energy future.

The future demands a substantial increase in energy supply, especially clean electricity. As the global population and urbanization soar, electricity demand is predicted to increase by 50% by 2040.

Nuclear power currently provides 10% of the world’s electricity and 18% in OECD countries. Major reports highlight nuclear power’s crucial role in the large-scale production of reliable, environmentally benign electricity.

Despite progress, 733 million people, mostly in rural areas, lack access to electricity. The challenge lies in meeting growing energy demand while curbing harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

Cleaner air is also imperative. Given that air pollution, the world’s most significant environmental risk causes seven million premature deaths annually.

Nuclear energy emerges as a low-emitting, low-carbon solution, constituting 30% of global low-carbon electricity in 2019, crucial for a sustainable energy future.

Global energy needs demand a significant boost in clean electricity. Nuclear power emerges as a reliable, environmentally friendly solution crucial for a sustainable future.

The world needs nuclear.

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